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12-06-2011, 09:58 PM
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Originally Posted by ed bruin View Post
what do u do as a parent when the scouts tell you the only chance your child has in playing in the Juniors or even the NHL is to start fighting as a 14 year old?
For me the answer is if my kid's not smart enough, then sign him up for trade school to become an electrician or mechanic or something to get him through life with an honest day's work instead of betting everything on a pipe dream and risking his health at all cost

Oh and another thing about this story, I can't believe those oxy poppers go for $60 a pill on the street!! I mean WTF, you see drugs on TV shows where crackheads pay 10, 20 bucks for a dime bag, but holy **** 60 bucks a pill? And Boogaard was downing 8 at a time? No wonder this country is getting so messed up, kids are hooked on prescription pills worse that the other generations were hooked on coke and heroin

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