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Originally Posted by Papaspud View Post
Miners get black lung
Crab fishermen get all sorts of injuries, and occasionally fall overboard and die.
Firemen/women die in all sorts of ways.
Policemen/women get shot, as do Military personal.
Stunt people cripple themselves almost daily, for "entertainment".

All for a ******** less money than any enforcer in the NHL.
Ask anyone doing a dangerous job, if they would accept the risk of possible brain damage, for close to a million dollars a year, and all of a sudden the very same risk of injury becomes acceptable to many more people.
Jobs available in your local "bomb squad" starting pay $54,000.
Fact is - once the risks involved in all these jobs are well documented, they take measures to lower the risk and, sometimes, remove parts that are too risky. Firemen are not supposed to enter a burning building about to collapse, a fighter pilot is supposed to eject when the plane is about to crush, policemen are supposed to call for backup. Risks are minimized and only taken when no better option is available.

Imagine a policemen that asks for support before entering a dangerous building and gets answered : "go in there by yourself, you knew what you signed for".

Fighting brings too little to the sport of hockey to be worth taking all these risks. Fighting in boxing/MMA "is" the sport so risks are probably worth taking.

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