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12-07-2011, 01:30 AM
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Originally Posted by habsjunkie2 View Post
I don't think he comes off as a whiner at all. He was asked a question and answered it truthfully. Kudos to Max, it's about time someone stands up to this elite country club. Listening to max is a breath of fresh air.

I also don't think it was the wrong thing to do. He's annoyed, confused and tired of the inconsistencies. I don't see how this could possibly bite Pacioretty is the butt or the habs for that matter, he's calling shanny out for inaccuracies and rightfully so, perhaps this league will turn from garage to the best league in the world again, if people speak out.

The whole head shot thing is annoying me to no end to begin with, if you skate with your head down, you're free to be hit legally as you would be if you had your head up. Most concussions come from clean hits, there is an inherited risk of playing professional hockey, keep your head up, it's been taught since pee wee.

The NHL needs to focus on cheap shots, not bang bang, hockey plays. The lucic hit although nothing really severe was, in fact an avoidable cheap shot. They are getting it all wrong. Hockey plays should not be suspendable, period. Cheap shots, cross checks and hitting from behind should be.

Every tough hit there is a freaking hearing on now and fans screaming bloody murder, it's ridiculous. This is the only league that changes their rules yearly and then doesn't follow the rules they've changed, no wonder this league will never move into the top 3 major sports, it's a gong show ffs.

No more rule changes, the game never needed any in the first place. Leave our game alone. This head shot business is too slippery a slope and too hard to be consistent. Take the instigator out, remove all these bogus rules added in the guise of player safety and watch these cheap shots decline over night. I'm sick of it altogether. There is zero respect out there and ref can never make the players respect one another, suspensions, won't stop them either. There's all kinds of laws on the book for violent crimes, sexual abuse ect, guess what, it hasn't prevented anyone from doing it.

The game itself is the cause here, they should of never changed something to please left wing anti everything *****. It's too violent yadda yadda, so is CSI, WWE and the list goes on. The only answer is to bring respect and accountability back to the ice.
What did he gain from this? If he really felt strongly about this couldn't he have called Shanahan and discussed it with him privately? Wouldn't that have accomplished the same thing without creating animosity with the guy in charge of discipline.

As for the 'whining' portion... yeah, I'm sorry but I see it as whining. I'm sure a lot of other people do too. At the end of the day it's a thinly masked shot at the guy who suspended him. If you're that ticked, go take it up with him in private. Don't go out to the media and do things this way. It doesn't benefit him or us as a whole.

He's young and I suspect that if the same thing happened five years from now he'd take a more mature road to resolving this.

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