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12-07-2011, 07:17 AM
Jesus Greiss
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Originally Posted by Gino 14 View Post
Big difference between condesending and constructive advice. I gave you an honest answer based on past experience that you didn't want to hear because it's true. Any person that doesn't want to hear "bad" things will never last in coaching, at any level. Suck it up.
Haha like I said. Im very busy. it has nothing to do with hearing something i didnt want to hear. Dont pretend to know me or my situation. I will have the time soon and I will do all I need to, but now I dont so I wanted ideas of a quick path to get started. Dont speak to me about constructive or sucking it up im Infantry in the US Army. Ive spent more time "sucking it up" in
the past month then most do in a life time. So like I said please stop being condesending, because you are. You speak to me like im a 12 year old your giving a life lesson to and telling me your saying things I didnt want to hear like you know me at all. Im a man and I serve my country I dont need a life lesson or you telling me how to run my life thats none of your business. just advice/

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