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12-07-2011, 08:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Around in 67 View Post

seriously? we're paying his salary?

get a clue pal
Since obviously you forgot you posted this.......

Here is a brilliant answer from Castor Zuse

He's right. The CBC is publically funded, which means whenever a really awful so called "comedy" show comes on there, it is the Canadian tax payer who is paying for it. It means whenever the CBC holds a party that only their elitist friends are allowed to attend we are paying for it. Glenn Healy works for the CBC on HNIC, therefore we as taxpayers are paying for him. The CBC won't show the public how they use our money, but the station is stuggling in many areas including news and are constantly asking the gov't (Canadians) for more bailouts. There's tons of corruption within... the sooner it becomes privatized network (like Global, CTV, etc...) the better for all of us.

...and now you know.

From me- I am from the States and know that CBC uses tax dollars to stay on air. So, stop being mean to people, and since you have been around a while and indicate that others should grow up.... Maybe you might wanna check yourself into a old-age facility yourself. They can give med's now.

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