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11-03-2003, 06:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Jani8
"There are 2 proven NHL defensemen on the roster. I think that pretty much explains everything."

This qualifies as a reason. Since we all knew that defense would be weak, it shouldn't come as a surprise. Better pray that Gonchar doesn't get hurt.

"If you actually believe that 6 out of 9 on the road is no more difficult than 6 out of 9 at home"

Of course they are more difficult but you're missing the point that every team will play 41 away games and every team will have to play in tough buildings. Every team will play back-to-back games also. So pointing that out as a reason seems pretty dumb.

"Bertuzzi has played 10 games, 1g 5a 6pts 21 shots on goal.
Zubrus has 9 games, 2g 2a 4pts 28shots. I don't see a big difference there just yet. do you?"

We know that one of these guys is going to pick up his game. I wonder which?
But pointing out that the back to back and road games even out over 82 games is ridiculous. We're talking about the struggles 11 games in, not over 82 games. Out of 11 games the Caps have played 7 road games in 3 weeks. 3 back to back situations already. I suggest you compare that to any other team in the East. Don't get me wrong, there are many reasons the Caps suck right now, but discounting thier schedule as part of those reasons is wrong.

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