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12-07-2011, 11:34 AM
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Originally Posted by killabee88 View Post
If route B is taken I'm not saying clean house, but knock out some cobwebs. Try and move Ohlund to a contender. Every team wants a D man right now and veteran guy like Ohlund might fetch a second or third. The reason to move him is less to get a return, more to clear cap space for the summer. Consider moving Malone as well. I like Malone but that cap space is better spent this offseason. So stack up on picks, flesh out depth in the draft, and make a few trades if it is opportune, but keep Vinny, MSTL, Stammer, Connolly, and Hedmen.

Use the space of Kubina/Ohlund/Malone off the books and take a run at Suter/Parise or another fresh UFA; but overall: get YOUNG and take a shot next year. Tampa shouldnt be that hard of a sell anymore. Vinik is doing great things with the organization, SFY has more respect from players/the hockey world than almost any GM out there; the weather is 10000X better than Edmonton, Toronto or Montreal; there isn't insane media pressure like some of the big markets, and there are even favourable tax laws in Florida. Landing a guy like Suter, especially since he is American and doesn't have heart strings to a Canadian/North east city, is perfectly feasible.

Option B) still means trading for a goalie tho. FA market is thin.

What makes you think anyone would want to take on Ohlund's contract? He's signed for four more years after this season, is 35 years old and is constantly plagued by injuries. Not many teams can take on Malone's contract either, so we better hope the salary that would be coming our way is better than what Malone provides us.

Kubina and Clark hold more value because of their expiring contracts than Ohlund or Malone. Money, contract length, organizational stability and cup contender will all be priorities for Suter if he becomes a UFA; not the American influence as you are suggesting.

IMO, if SFY makes any moves this year, it'll most likely be for a young goaltender like Bernier/Schneider and hope our team can turn it around and find some confidence playing in front of them.

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