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12-07-2011, 04:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Clunker View Post
Two more seasons? I'll probably watch just because at one time this was my favorite show, quite possibly could've been my favorite show ever, but it's changed so much that it almost angers me to watch it.

My main problem isn't even the "mother" situation. I couldn't care less about them taking too long getting to the reveal. I just hate that they've basically given up on being creative in anyway and have resorted to turning all the characters in to over-the-top cartoonish versions of themselves.. and now have to rely on juvenile humor and they keep forcing reoccurring jokes that don't work. The only episode the season I honestly enjoyed was the one with the hurricane. Last season, I could count maybe 4 or 5 I enjoyed and that's it.
This is my major problem. Barney, in particular, is a mess of a character compared to in earlier seasons...

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