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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
You really gotta try them on.

For me finger length and cut are key. For some reason if the fingers are too long I can't deal with, nor if the palm material is stretched too tight. For example I can't use any Eagle gloves because the palms are really tight between the thumb and forefinger. Tried three times to use them and never worked. But I can use both Total Ones and 4-Rolls which have opposite fit, because both of them have enough material or give to be able to close the palm.

Another weird one is padding on the inside of the forefinger...if it has too much padding my thumb smacks into the finger and I can't close my hand or grip the stick properly.

And there's cuff length too...I have longer elbow pads and they will smack into my glove cuffs and push them off the hand making it difficult to grip the stick.

I'm picky as hell.

But you should bring elbow pads to the store and try on with them.
you must have to be particular with such big palms...

I like a loose feel with a tacky thin material in the palms... for me, that's clarino, lamb or kangaroo leather and prefered without a palm protecting layer.

I think especially if you wear elbow pads that have extended wrist protectors you need a glove with a wide cuff, and would explain so many pro's like the MIA/Warrior Franchise, RBK 9k, Bauer 4 roll etc...

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