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12-07-2011, 07:03 PM
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Originally Posted by torero View Post
Players on the defense can take longer to develop. It may be frustrating ... but this is how it is.

now MTL has him for 3 years at a 800K a year ? +/- that !!
trade him now, nobody will want him ! nobody ! and you may break him !!
that is a lose-lose trade !
He will be better in some months again. Then or you trade him or you let him play. I bet that he will be played because he is a horse from the MTL ranch !! and because of that, if he excels in 3 years, Mtl will get him at 2.5 mio instead of 4 or more !!

And thi is how teams make a difference in a world where salaries are capped.

You can play the loser game and sell and buy players .... these teams will be paying high prices for all players.

He may be a better business than Price for exemple !! ( i am talking business, not hockey ! )
Why will Woe-ber be better in a few months? And won't Diaz, Emelin, and St-Denis also be better in that time frame?

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