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11-03-2003, 07:09 AM
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Originally Posted by geeman
Koivu is back to the Koivu of old. I am not bashing him or want him traded , but let`s face the facts HE IS A VERY INJURY PRONE PLAYER who really has only given us 1 1/2 years of productive play. I am not questioning his skill or heart, but I Think we put this guy on pedestal too many times, and at 29 I personally think, he won`t lead us anywhere.
I think it is easy to see the number of games lost to injury during Saku's career, but let's remember it is often a result of how he plays the game. He is small, but plays big and with big heart. No one can ever doubt his resolve or work ethic. Against bigger players, this can lead to injuries. Does this change how he comes to play every way. And that to me, is much needed leadership that is missing with a lot of the current lineup. I wish I could consistently see more of this in all our players.

The other intangible is that not only does Saku's absence hurt the team, but other players look so much better with him in the lineup. Zed is the best case in point. He looked good out there with Saku as his linemate, something that he hasn't been able to reproduce with Ribs with any consistency. Come back soon little General.

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