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Originally Posted by Boring Trap View Post
So what if Marty were to say Lundqvist is the best goalie in the league? It's not like you guys would give him props for saying that. You guys would still find a way to criticize him somehow.

On our board Lundqvist will always be the Queen with oversized pads, and over here Marty will always be Fatso. Let's face it, you guys are obsessed with the Devils as much as we are obsessed with the Rangers. Otherwise you wouldn't be so up in arms about Marty's comments.
Right now I could give two ***** about the devils. They're irrelevant imo. Until they figure out what they need to make a successful squad in the new NHL I'm not interested in them. Marty never has anything nice to say about the Rangers and I dont expect him to. Though sometimes you see goaltenders having respect for opposing goaltenders, he shows none. You never hear Henrik say bad things about Brodeur.

Regardless I think the reason Devils fans are so "obsessed" with Henrik is because for years goaltending was always the one category they constantly had the upper hand in. Forget the championships that have been won because the Rangers hadn't put a quality squad together for years so there was no point in comparing that between the two rivals fans. Yeah the Devils had deeper forward and defense units for throughout the years but at least the rangers had roster players that didnt allow for it to be a huge disparity between the two roster every year. Goaltending, however, was not even close for a long time after richter had to retire. But since Henrik has been here he has been dominant over Brodeur for the most part. He has been the better goalie. IMO the devils fans are upset/jealous that brodeur is no longer the man in the tri-state rivalry.

I know there will be devils fans who will deny this or criticize this but I really believe thats why theres such an obsession with henrik.

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