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Originally Posted by Talks to Goalposts View Post
This is the issue right here. Somewhere in November Montreal went from a good team not getting the bounces and losing games they carried the play to a team that is just plain getting beat. How much this is injuries and injury-related fatigue is hard to say but it is clear that they need to turn things around to remain relevant. For sure the delay on Markov is hurting two critical areas, the power play and the 2nd defensive pairing which are key weaknesses. But they have the horses to be a good team.

I'm less sympathetic to the coaching argument because so many people espousing it are couching it in terms like "confidence" and "has lost the room" which in my opinion are just examples of magically thinking in action. Not that confidence and team spirit don't exist but no one outside of the situation has any real information on the matter and in the absence of real evidence makes them matter of purely subjective opinion, which I hold no stock in. And don't get me started on the self proclaimed "body-language" experts because that just makes me laugh. It should be noted how swapping in Kirk Muller doesn't seem to have done Carolina much good for example.

So I don't know if a management change is the answer. I am suspicious of anyone that has strong beliefs in either direction on the matter because I question whether they can really say they have enough information to make an informed opinion on the matter and I note that people calling for the management's head in Montreal have long disliked the current regime for ideological reasons I consider specious.

It is clear that they need to shift direction though because things aren't working right now. So a coaching/management change shouldn't be off the table but a knee-jerk decision is probably the worst thing they could do.
We agree for the most part, but the problems could be the players are suddenly getting outplayed because they lost confidence in the system. I wouldn't be so quick to rule it out.

They have lacked emotion recently, why, is anybodies guess.

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