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Originally Posted by Optimus Price View Post
Sorry to burst your bubble man, I was at the game and Subban was booed in the third. Some cheered for his fancy plays, some booed him for trying too much and failing, turning him into ridicule.

I think he deserved some of the boos, simply for the fact that he should stop trying to be too cute when the game is on the line. I like him and find him an exciting player, but ****, when the game is on the line like this one was, against a terrible opponent, ****ing pass the puck instead of trying to do everything by yourself, losing the puck on your own or giving a turnover in the process.

But the player deserving the boos is certainly Cammy. The guy just doesn't give a **** anymore. Haven't seen someone "chier din coins" like him since Brisebois.

This team should ****ing hide themselves. Pathetic. Btw, I don't see what's the big deal about booing a player, he's a professionnal. Athletes gets booed, it's part of the job.

And for those who thought I was making this up, look at the game thread around page 31,32,33. PK WAS GETTING BOOED!!!

I still don't think you BOO a 2nd year player who has been asked to do more than he should. How does he get booed but the vets don't?

Same thing happened to Price. Booing our players, especially the young guys is so frigging dumb and I hate it.

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