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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
It isn't even about getting low for high. Bottom line is that prospects are more easily traded for BEFORE they start producing. Once they start putting up points you can forget about trading for them.

Sometimes those prospects can cost you a fair bit but when you know you aren't really good enough to win anything... it's worth it. We should've done this long ago but we haven't. And that's the reason we never have the elite players that other clubs have.

Our only star is Carey Price and we only got him via a fluke lottery where we lucked into a top five pick.

Who cares if they're cheap? Maybe they won't be cheap. That doesn't mean we shouldn't trade for them. If a really good prospect costs us Pleks or Cammy... do it. I don't really care if it means losing one of our best forwards. Just don't trade away the younger players like MaxPac.

Nobody is suggesting that some club is going to give you a top 10 pick for nothing. You HAVE to pay for it. That's what Calgary did when they gave up arguably their best player in Joe Niewendyk. It cost them their best player but they got a prospect they believed in (Iginla) in return. Those are the kinds of moves we should be making.

Forget about trying to squeak into 8th every year...
If my memory serves me correctly, Eller is that prospect PG was looking out for, and went and got it. I would also assume, given PG's time with us here, those type of moves might be seen this season or next. i'm sure there will be moves made if we A)don't make the POs or B)First round exit. i fully expect some of the core players to get the boot and new prospects to be gained. I would be suprised if PG doesn't have a plan for both of those results i listed above, and more.

thanks for the discussion, but I'm gonna have to take little brake (i will respond later if need be), my studies can't handle all this hockey debating; just a little at a time

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