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12-08-2011, 02:32 AM
Weber is OUR captain
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Blah blah blah. This team is only 2 points behind last years pace and we saw how that worked out. I firmly believe this team is more offensively talented than last years team and I don't even thinks it's that close really. However, we are missing a Ward player though: one who is a great 2 way and really strong on the puck. Also, Pekka has let in some softies. He won't be always doing this. Our biggest need is a 2nd pairing Dman I believe. Anyone else notice a few weeks back when we weren't dumping and chasing? We were forechecking with 3 guys. That's was a new style and exciting. Now we are back to dumping and chasing.

Well that was kinda random but I'm not giving up on this team. Most people, including me, believe next year is gonna be the year anyways. This year is a "give the young guns a shot". How else do they learn? We have a very young team and are only out of #4 spot by 5 freaking points. AND we are scoring more than some very talented offensive teams. Besides, it's not like we've enjoyed success as a fanbase. You won't be awesome every single year, unless you are detroit. Calm down and enjoy the ride. /rant

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