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12-08-2011, 03:12 AM
Kefka cheers for Van
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I would like to say a few things.

1 - As canucks fans, We do know we are very "emotional", Please keep that in mind when we trash talk either a: Pk subban b: Pk Subban.

2 - As canucks fans, We know our team occasionally dives, so as a good will parting gift, We promise to ignore 1 hab fan a hr invading our thread with "lolsedinsaretwins" comments.

3 - As canucks fans, We know our team is not the most physical, But we do promise one amazing magic sedin goal/play which habs fans will be forced to say "I Love gingers"

4 - As canucks fans, We know Roberto Luongo will let in one bad goal, As compensation, we ask Carey price to not play like Carey price for the entire 1st period.

5 - As canucks fans, We know Happy Lappy talks and trolls a lo...........Wait a sec WE ALL LOVE LAPPY HERE

6 - As canucks fans, We know Higgins has been on fire with the canucks, as he was in Montreal back in the day. We request one bobble head figurine in his name as a peace offering. (Medical Foot Cream will also be accepted)

7 - As canucks fans, We know we have not won a stanley cup yet, As a "I'm sorry we did not beat boston", We will promise to not Riot after this game.

8 - As canucks fans, We know the habs are a small team with little physical presence. As gratitude for lack of physical play, we will allow ONE gomez goal for this contest only.

9 - As canucks fans, We know there will be tons of canucks fans in the building, As a early "I'm sorry for the luuuuuu", We will buy one free beer to each member sitting on our left side.

And finally, 10 - As canucks fans, We know we HATE THE BRUINS, and WE HOPE THAT YOU GUYS ABSOLUTELY DESTROY THEM, Not only THIS YEAR, But for the next DECADE. **** the bruins and good luck today.

That is all.

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