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Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
You watched every game? Really? So have I.

Habs fans have booed the team for two reasons so far this season.

-Losing a game that they played crap in.
-Powerplay sucking the bag.

In regards to PK himself.

-Fans cheer him when he attempts rushing the puck up the ice. Every time.
-Fans cheer him when he hits someone in the corners. Every time.
-Fans cheer him when he scored his goal this season.
-Fans cheer him when he's on the starting line. Every time.

Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
This thread is absurd. It is the culmination of people's frustration's with the team. HA! Sean Avery wishes he had 5% of the talent PK does. Let's not get into the debate about whether PK is a dirty player. Pleeease. If you had a bullseye on your back like him, I'd love to see how you'd do. I thought we all agreed on at least that.

He is playing much better hockey than people think. He has to get the rush going all by himself cuz the fwds suck. I'll just say here that Gomez would help a lot no matter what you think he does with the puck past the O blue line. He has (Subban) incredible stickhandling, deking, speed, a hard shot, he plays more responsibly and logs massive minutes.

Has it really come to this? I would not be surprised if people start a "Price is overrated" thread the way we are eating ourselves alive to find a scapegoat.
Weird how some are losing their minds and emphatically saying the boos were not directed at him. Yet others are saying the bolded

Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
I remember a few games back him getting booed when he was cutting and turning back numerous times in our zone.

Also, to the people that are saying "JM is holding him back" what evidence, seriously, one thread of evidence, do you have to support this claim?

The simple fact is that he hasn't played that well, but he has been far from bad. Under the circumstances, I don't mind his play. But I have felt this year he has spent more energy trying to draw penalties than make great plays.
Originally Posted by Optimus Price View Post
I did boo him, just like I booed every other players. But I can surely tell you that people in my section in the blues were indeed targeting him and were making fun of him very loudly, in which some others did join in. Besides, they didn't only booed him on the PP, he was also booed when he lost the puck on an opportunity or two, trying to do too much fancy stuff. All I'm saying is that he's deserving some boos, just like some of his teamates. But because he was piss poor yesterday, that made him an easy target by the crowd. I don't understand what's the big issue about him being booed anyway and the fact that you make me imply that it was just him is laughable at best, because I never made that assumption. But I guess you're right and I'm wrong, then. Morality of the thing is : Hopefully that light a fire under Subban's ass so he can play better, but in the end, it probably won't.
So, there are several people who WERE AT THE GAME who said fans were booing him. Those of you who jumped the gun and hurled insults my way. You should apologize.

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