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12-08-2011, 07:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Madskillz65 View Post
I'm almost positive it doesn't matter. For example when they're reviewing a fumble. It's if the ball came out before or after his first knee touched the ground thus being "down." It's the same thing in the end zone.His other knee and feet don't matter because he had secured the ball at the point that his knee touched the surface in bounds.
You can't be down via a knee until you have established possession inbounds, which requires two feet (or knees, in this case).

Step 1: receivers must establish possession inbounds.
Step 2: take a knee/ down yourself via one knee.

You can't do step 2 without first doing step 1.

Your example of the rusher fumbling, the rusher has already established possession of the ball, and has not left the field of play. Plus, a rushing play is always live, but an incomplete pass is a dead play. In order to make a reception "live", you have to receive the ball, establish possession, AND be fully inbounds before the play can continue. The play was dead because he wasn't inbounds under the rules of the NFL, and you can't "take a knee" to down yourself before completing the reception completely within the field of play.

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