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Originally Posted by hockeyfan2k11 View Post
He used to get booed in every opposing building in the league. Now he gets booed by his own fans.

Why are we booing a 22 year old 2nd year Dman who has been asked to lead this team? He's 1st in TOI, 1st in points, 2nd in +/-

Anyways, am I the only one who thinks the boos/criticism is a little harsh and unreasonable? He's getting booed for the same style of play he was getting cheered for last year.
When I first read the thread title to be quite honest I had my doubts the OP would be as intelligent as you are. Was expecting it to be a PK Subban bash fest in the OP glad to see it isn't.

Anyways PK has been shouldering the most minutes on a team decimated from injuries. People expecting him to have 20 points and 5 goals already need to get a clue. He's being forced to play an extremely disciplined game and not take offensive chances because he's now a leader on this team and has to lead by example. He can't take risks because he's now been thrust into the position of being a veteran d-man in only his 2nd season.

How some fans can not only boo PK but fail to understand this is beyond me. There are people on the main board claiming McD > Subban and honestly it just goes to show how much some people need to get a clue. McD is insulated by another top minute crunching d-man and is playing on a team having a lot of success. PK is playing on a team insulated by almost nobody, Josh Gorges has his own **** to worry about. He can't be constantly backing up PK. PK can only ever really take chances on the PP or when Gorges is on the ice. Even then he still has to lead by example.

He's been making mistakes but people have to realize he was always projected as more of an offensive minded two-way d-man and he's been forced to play a more defensive minded two-way game. On top of that it's the regular season and the guy is playing post season minutes. When you play 30+ minutes a game and you're sheltering some really green D from all the tough minutes you're bound to make mistakes. Guys like Rick Nash etc got to where they are in the NHL today by making d-men look stupid. Subban is no exception.

With how far along Subban is now and with a healthy D people are going to cry tears of joy when they see just how good this guy is. His statistics aren't even close to representative of how he's been playing. I never thought I'd say this but we need Spacek and Campoli back. Markov eventually. When Subban gets less minutes and sometimes better match ups he'll easily start to produce.

You can't rag on a guy for making mistakes when he's being played 30 minutes a night and expected to not only lead this team to victories via his offense but not allow goals to happen in his own end. It's a tremendous amount of pressure for a 22 year old in his second NHL season.

The people booing Subban should be ashamed of themselves. Absolutely pathetic. If it weren't for Subban, Price and Gorges... heck if one of those guys had been injured we'd be sitting in 30th.

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