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11-03-2003, 08:18 AM
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[QUOTE=True Blue]
Originally Posted by RANGERDIEHARD
But you don't want a whole team full of 23 year olds; that doesn't work [/QUOTE
Right..... 6 because the last 6 years have worked so well. The last 6 years, full of "star" vets, utterly devoid of rookies, have resulted in not only missing the playoffs EACH AND EVERY YEAR, but also in being one of the absolutely worst teams in the entire league, EACH AND EVERY YEAR. How much worse could this team have finished if they had decided to truly rebuild? What's the worst thing that would happen, the team might actually have had a better record?
People like you scream out, "You can't rebuild in NY.....No one would attend the games.....can't have several non-competing years.....". Well how have the past 6 non-rebuilding years treated you? Must have been a joy to watch mistake after mistake, no effort after no effort.
I am just as frustrated as anybody about not making the playoffs in 6 years, but I do not attribute that to there not being enough young players on the team, it's not that simple. I believe that the coaching during that span has been the main problem. Take a look at our 94' team - were was the youth? We didn't have any youth, but we did have a coach who knew how to coach in New York. You show how youth relates to success and I'll counter with more evidence that coaching relates to success. Everyone says; "well how much worse could we be",
that's not the point - if you have a star-filled team and EVERYONE underachieves then where does the problem lie? I'll answer that by saying - If a teacher has a class of 30 students and EVERYONE fails the class then where does the problem lie?!