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Originally Posted by Turtleneck Plek View Post
To this, I answer this:

So now, the only question is the following. Optimus Price, did you boo? If so, did you boo Subban or the PP? If not, how well do you think you can determine if the crowd was specifically booing Subban rather than booing our horrid PP, part of the boos coming while Subban was in possession of the puck?

Because it seems most people here believe the PP unit was being booed as a whole rather than Subban being booed because of his lack of production on said PP. To me this is a non-issue, but it seems to be such a big deal to the two people here who believe Subban was specifically targeted by the crowd.

Subban is a fan-favourite and while I myself sometimes get tired of his seven-feet-in-the-air windup, I really doubt the fans would consciously boo him specifically rather than the general, pathetic state of our PP.

However, you're right. They did boo him. The only thing is, they booed the other four skaters on the ice at that moment as well, and you can probably add the other PP unit to that too.

So to summarize. Could Subban play better? Yes. Do fans want him to play better? Yes. Are fans tired of our pathetic PP? Yes. Does Subban play a part in the success of said PP? Yes. Does Subban deserve boos for his lack of production on the PP? Probably so. More so than the other players on the ice? No. Rationally speaking, does it make sense that he was the sole victim of the boos? No. Did the fans intentionally boo him, and just him? Improbable at best.
Do none of you guys ever actually sit down and watch the game at a bar? Because some of these posts are laughable. Especially with the older generation I hear people criticizing PK all the time over his moves. A lot of people really surprisingly don't like him and don't respect the amount of minutes he eats up against top opposition. They're in the same boat as the rest of the other teams fan bases on PK.

In the Bell Center you act like you know what's going on in every individuals head and quite frankly neither you or the OP do so the fact that people try to act like they do is laughable. During the game people rag on the guy constantly at bars, every mistake he makes it's like "****ing Subban again! sigh". Some people were booing the PP but don't be naive, plenty were booing Subban as well.

I'm pretty sure if at a bar I can overhear people whining about Subban making mistakes and disliking him... with such a small sample of people... the same can be said about Zone Molson Ex or the bell center in general.

I mean honestly guys don't be so naive. The rest of the league hates the kid and even so do many in our fan base. It saddens me because PK is one of my favorite players but it's the truth. One would think judging from this thread none of you ever actually watched the game anywhere but your own living room.

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