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12-08-2011, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Bauer 9500 cage because I don't get paid to play hockey.

What's in your rig? I see a Mesa and was looks like a PRS and a couple LP's. Maybe a CH-1 and DS-1 on the board? Avatar cab?
thats an old pic. its a little different now. in that pic its a Mesa Roadster, and its just sitting on top of an old Fender modelling amp simply cos i didnt have any amp stands at that point. hahah!

the guitars are a PRS Custom 22, and Epi LP Black Beauty and a PRS SE Cutaway.

i dont remember exactly the pedals i had at that point, but i had the amps footswitch, tuner, a Morley Mark Tremonti switchless wah, Boss Chorus, Flange, Delay, a Phase 90, and maybe a EQ and Compression at that point. Now i do more bedroom recording in my apartment, so the amps a bit too loud :-) laltely ive been using Guitar Rig 4 for my cabs and effects and downloaded a few extra amp sims off the net. it gets the job done.... do you play? whatcha got?

i love how this went from face protection to guitar rigs...

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