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12-08-2011, 11:55 AM
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heat management...

For me, this is huge and I don't know if its cause I sweat more, or generate alot of BTU... but heat management changes the fatigue level so much for me.

The difference between thinking about timing your shift and having the energy to make a play and still know you can get back to the bench without causing any problems.

For me... wearing lightweight protective gear, i.e. shinpads and softie elbows

No shoulder pads
Using 3 in 1 jock with underarmour rather than jockshort/underarmour, and opening the zips on my pants really makes a huge difference.

the biggest one is probably the shoulder pads as they seriously just keeps the heat in, and I'm even talking about the 5030's I'm using. Its not the weight or mobility, but the heat.

I don't understand the guys who basically put on a one piece liatard, another pair of socks, then jock shorts, then full sized pads etc...
I would just die if I were out there in that stuff

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