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Originally Posted by Megaforce View Post
Ok, well let's discuss this deeper then. Looks like Ima have to school ya!

The only good post I've seen here is the one projecting that his assist totals show that he is having a good season, that was a good point. (as was the one mentioning Hamrlik)

But 6 goals in 22 games are more like Max Lapierre numbers in my eyes and it's 50% less than old washed-up Jagr himself, it should be noted.

So what is the recipe for excellence? Mostly it's about ability and talent but there's an additional factor, how much passion are you putting into your work? How much commitment to detail, getting your sleep, eating right, visualizing, communicating with your teammates.

Like they say in baseball, the difference between hitting 240 and 300 is about 20 line drives a year. There's a fine line between excellence and mediocrity.

Just a tiny bit of alienation, loss of interest, irritation can be the difference between an average output and an excellent result.

I fear Plex is not attaining the excellence and it's possibly because he's still irked at not signing Jagr.

We can admit now that it was a mistake for us not to get him and it must be festering for the Czech. We know that Plex was lobbying management to sign him, so it's no stretch to suggest that Plex's downtown is a result of his disappointment.
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