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12-08-2011, 12:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Yeah I forgot, my visor would fog up like crazy and I tried a fishbowl and airflow sucked. Also, my 9900 cage or whatever it is has better vision than anything I've tried outside of nothing. The peripheral on visors looks funky.

My rig is pretty weak ATM...Musicman into a $100 Fender Mustang Although I do have a Danelectro clone of a Timmy that's awesome. I just don't have the cash for anything bigger. Mostly a drummer but I'm a gear whoor for all kinds of things
ah... i tried the drums. and i SUKD! the main reason i have the gear that i do is because im in the navy and the bigger things were "welcome home" gifts to myself coming back from a deployment. that and a guitar center was right down the road. :-)

as far as the visor, i want some kind of protection. ive tried cages, but the bars were too much of a distraction for me, and i didnt realize how much lighter a helmet was without one. i had a fishbowl for a bit, but yes, the airflow was horrible, and that brings me to the visor... i wear it down to protect my face, and in the league i play in, there arent a large amount of errant sticks and pucks. i dont feel unsafe at all.

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