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Originally Posted by Dharvey33 View Post
Leafs fans thinkin gardiner is better than Subban must be most hilarious statement ever.

I'd like to know opinions of hockey fans and not just fans of their teams (which i call homer) to respond frankly. Two players i would compare Mcdonagh and Subban would actually the two kings dman Johnson and Doughty

Subban is indeed playing a rather similar game as Doughty and when he is on can bring a huge spark offensively and can bring it on in the d zone also. Great hands great shots big body but can sometimes be catch out of position. I'm not saying Subban is at the same level as Doughty just comparing their play style.

Mcdonagh is more of a Jack Johnson plays a responsible two way game can contribute on the offensive end good shot good first pass good skater. But hasn't got the same offensive skills or skating abilities than Doughty or Subban for Mcdonagh and is not a game changer(or rarely) like Subban or Doughty can be with a great play.

So Doughty is better than Johnson but he is not miles ahead of him so i think it,s rather the same for Subban and Mcdonagh Subban is the better player because of the dynamism the outstanding skating abilities and the great hands he has.

The bottom line is Doughty Johnson is a great defensive pair and so would be Mcdonagh and Subban it,s a real shame we traded him for Gomer pile.

So Subban for me but you are not out of luck with Mcdonagh.

Please watch Subban before saying he is a liability in his own zone. Guy makes mistakes but manages almost all the time to arrange it by a strong play.
Lol what a retarded post. One of the worst comparisons I've ever seen.

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