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Originally Posted by Jim Bob View Post
The big question is how many GMs want Stafford at $4M per for 3+ seasons?
I'm sure there are several GM's who'd like a 26 yr old winger with size coming off a season in which he scored 31 goals in 62 games. For all the people who (albeit correctly) harped on the unsustainability of his shooting% last season, the same people aren't cutting him a break for his 7.1% shooting% this season, which is well below his career 12.6% shooting%.

I'm fairly certain that GMs who look at those statistics would love to buy low on Drew--assuming his stock is low to Buffalo, which I doubt given Regier's patience. Also, like it or not, $4m is at or slightly below market now for 2nd line wingers, and as the cap rises and the UFA classes continue to stay watered down, that market may only increase.

Originally Posted by Jim Bob View Post
A bad contract is likely going to make Brassard unmovable off of the C'bus roster right now. How many GMs could live with Stafford's deal?
Brassard is a soft, one-dimensional (offense) center who may not even be a center in the long-term given how terribad he is at the dot and his lack of defensive ability. He's not even getting dressed on a bad team. That's extremely disconcerting.

Originally Posted by Jim Bob View Post
It appears that most teams are either at the cap or their internal payroll budget limit. That makes it tough to do a deal like moving Stafford right now.
Maybe, maybe not. They can move players in and out. I'm not arguing that it'd be a cinch to move Stafford today--even though I think there'd be plenty of suitors--but I don't think it'd be that difficult if they made him available. But I strongly dispute the notion that his value has plummeted in the eyes of all GMs because of a bad 12 games.

I'm all for moving Drew in a package to upgrade the club (Ryan or top-6 center, for example), but I think it's fairly silly to believe, as some have suggested, that he has limited or no value right now.

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