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12-08-2011, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Megaforce View Post
If I was a mod I would ban you for ad hominen attack.

I've presented a structured, well-argued presentation. That you don't care to give it any thought or intelligent response is telling.
From your OP:

I haven't watched (or stayed awake) through enough Habs games to authoritatively evaluate his performance but I got the feeling he'd suck this year as revenge for the team not signing his pal Jagr.
I'll give you a pass on structured as that's not a terribly written sentence (and I have a soft spot for comments in parenthesis). I do draw the line at "well-argued" though. You flat out admit that you aren't informed enough to make a judgement, then proceed to come to a ridiculous conclusion.

Your expanded arguments don't add much to the case as a whole. Cherry-picked statistical comparisons, analogies to baseball and some loose assumptions based on Plekanec's mental state aren't exactly compelling support.

The reason why most people are dismissing your argument is because it's a terrible argument.

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