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12-08-2011, 01:51 PM
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I don't mind my argument being attacked on its merits, so yeah, the ad hominens should really be more vigorously policed by the mods here I think.

Anyway I thought that everybody knew that Plex was disappointed about the Jagr non-signing.

I've been keeping my eye out for his performance this year because of this and while I don't know of his really sucking this year, it's clear that his goal total is projected to be under 20, which is really not very good for a guy in the prime of his career and even by his own standards, he's never had such a bad season based on goal totals.

And yeah, the other stuff is pretty much irrefutable 1- we're not scoring enough goals and he's one of our main goal scorers and 2-he was right to be (if he was) irritated at not signing of Jagr and therefore the better Jagr does, the more irritated he'll become at this. Jagr is turning out to be a great bargain. Even has more goals than Cole.

Anybody got some kinda link to a Czech-language interview or sumpin'? Cuz there's no doubt in my mind that others have referred to this Jagr non-signing as being hurtful to Plek.

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