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Originally Posted by jacko23 View Post
what kind of face protection do you wear? any? did you start wearing it after an injury, or is it preventative?

what kind of visor do you have? straight? curved? tinted or clear?

do you wear yours down, so it actually PROTECTS you, or wear it tilted up like its a fashion statement?

im a visor kind of guy. i had a clear, curved oakley, but it cracked. ordered a straight, clear visor from hockeymonkey, but they were out. i needed it soon, and all thay had was tinted so i took it and i really like it. i was worried about gettign chirped at a bit because of it, seeing how i only play in a mens league, but after i scored a few, i guess they let me off the hook

what do you guys wear and why?

Haven't worn anything since juniors (long time ago). Wore a visor in adult leagues for a while but I seemed to get more sticks in the face when I was wearing one than when I wasn't so I took it off. Most guys I play with have played for years and years and keep sticks and pucks down. I quit playing with the hay balers.

P.S. Thanks for your service. Greatly appreciated.

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