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11-03-2003, 09:11 AM
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When Pilar comes back make Kaberle a winger

I can't take credit for this idea a caller to Leafs lunch suggested it, but it makes a lot of sense.

When Karel Pilar comes back to the Leafs they will have a bit of a log jam on defense. They have 6 NHL d-men as it is with Belak as a #7, so who gets to sit while Pilar plays? None of the Leafs D have played back enough to warrent not playing (given their positions, Berg isn't playing like a #1 guy, but for a #5 guy hes playing well). The Leafs offense is also missing speed and could use some more "pop", since they aren't really producing what they should be.

So what to do? Move Kaberle to a winger position (and everything I say after this is assuming he adapts to the new position). Kaberle's offensive skills have never been in question by anyone and you allow to play in an offensive position with players like Roberts, Nieuwendyk, Sundin, Mogilny, Nolan etc.... his point and goal totals are only going to go up. His inability to play phyiscally wouldn't be as big as weakness as it is for him on defense and since he was a defenseman I would guess he'll more defensivly responsible then most of the other Leaf fowards (who aren't at all) and get back to help the defense faster and more often, which is a big problem area for the Leafs, and while hes not the best defenseman around, his defensive abilities on a foward would make a decent-good two-way foward.

This would make run for Pilar without having to sit any of their D-men, allow Kaberle to play more to his strenghts (offense) and hopefully get the Leafs a good two-way foward which they need.

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