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Originally Posted by noobman View Post
As a guy that plays with his glasses on, I will never stray from the cage. The half-visor is useless if my glasses get knocked off in the middle of a shift and still leaves me vulnerable to an errand stick. The fishbowl offers almost no breath-ability and just adds another layer to fog up.

I took the cage off for *one* game (opting to go half-visor) and took an errand stick to the mouth, resulting in a root canal. The cage went back on right after that procedure and it's not coming off for as long as I'm playing hockey.

I think I'm also one of the few guys who wears his helmet/cage properly. The chin cup rests on my chin (what a crazy thought, right?) and my helmet is tightened so that it actually protects my head and absorbs some impact if/when I get hit with something.

Then again, I'm a hack that played D/E league before switching to purely pickup. I figure if you're playing B or even C level hockey there's a bit of a stigma around the full cage.
I play w/glasses too but never had them knocked crooked even when getting rocked from behind or crashing into someone in the corner.

I know on the whole it sounds ridiculous that I'd not protect them in any way, and I'm not even anti-cage/face shield at all, but for some reason I just play fully open.

As far as the glasses go, next month I'll be having LASIK surgery so that'll be beside the point anyway.

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