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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Interesting to see that out of the top 20 defensemen, not a single one was born between 1931-1948. At first I wondered if we as a group underrate players born during that time, then I realized the time period corresponds almost perfectly with the Great Depression and World War 2.

(You can sort the table by headings such as "birth year.")
As I tried to explain in post #11 in this thread, I think birthyear adds good information. When covering 100+ years of hockey, I think a "timeline" such as birthyear makes things much easier to overlook, plus that it may make it easier to estimate strength of eras (more and more the more players that are added to the table). Whoever/Whatever made you change your mind (it likely wasn't me), it was a change for the better, I think.

I notice the links are sortable. How it is being done is so far beyond me, but I suppose if I want the same effect I just copy the code immediately after "table". ? (I hope I don't break any rule by asking, and I ask here because you mention the table being sortable and I'm pretty sure some think that's good and want to try it themselves when for example posting tables during the discussions.)

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