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Originally Posted by Stickmata View Post
'Birdcage boy'. That's fkin hilarious. Gotta use that one. Our last game got pretty chippy and one of the so called birdcage boys on the other team went after one of our visor clad defenseman. Birdcage boy wound up getting pounded and his cage was easily slid up to inflict maximum damage. Ugly situation. After watching that, I wouldn't put too much faith in a cage to save me from a beating, or at least, I'd make sure it was mighty snug.

My visor never fogs and it goes below the tip of my nose and I wear it very close, so I don't understand how others have such a problem with fogging. I do sometimes drip sweat down from the top, but it never fogs.
"toucan Sam" "tweety" "birdcage" "birdman" and my personal favorite "cassie Campbell" all names i have used this season. I also like to ask them if their moms makes them wear the cage or when they act liek they want to fight or something i 'll ask them if they need to ask their mom before they take off their birdholder.

fishbowls have also been called "nemos" or "Neil Armstrongs" "astroboy" "nascar" you dont see much of them anymore. but the last one that i did see some one was yelling from our bench for him to "roll down your window bud i cant hear you" that made me laugh

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