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12-08-2011, 10:26 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Pull up video from last year and then look at the games this year.

How many give and goes do you see this year?

The point is THE focus this season. Its all about the point. Get the puck to the right point, pass it to the left point and shoot. Repeat again with the puck to the right point that is passed to the left point and then shoot.

The Habs WERE a creative team last year with our D Men skating in from the point on the weak side and then either shooting or passing the puck to a forward advancing on net. In either case, the goalie was forced to move from side to side.

Almost all of our shots on goal on the PP is where the goalie is squared up to the shooter and is able to easily make the save.

Nothing changes this season, including the inability to score.

The only real threat that we are missing on the PP from last year is Kirk Muller. Imagine that.........
But that's EXACTLY what i'm talking about!!! lol

There's NO PP QB...what you're mentionning there is exactly what a PP QB does...they walk the line to create shooting lanes, they freeze the goalie by making them think shot but then passing to an open teamate, they block clearout attempts, they sneak in from the point backdoor, etc...

Thansk for proving my point

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