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12-08-2011, 11:44 PM
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I will say this, Gaborik was consistently more impressive earlier in the season. I mean there is a reason the man has the most POTG awards (or at least did last time I checked).

I do wish Gaborik used his shot more and was more selfish.

The thing regarding his speed and how he isn't always going balls out is simply because he doesn't have to. He goes fast enough to get to a loose puck (look at him in dump and chases). His speed he uses in two main ways, break away or beating defensemen wide. It's just unfortunate that Gaborik can't deke for ****, I'd like to see him cut to the middle more.

Personally, I don't find anything wrong with Gaborik's effort or compete level. It's so much harder to comment on a Sniper's effort level because if they aren't scoring goals, they aren't doing all that much more (which, in that regards, Gaborik is great because he is at least competent defensively).

I suppose we will just have to agree to disagree to some extent, just glad we got a decent discussion out of this.

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