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11-03-2003, 11:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Tiki
Darth, I have to disagree with you about this one (again). As a Sabres Tix holder and a Islesfan I cuold not have been more thrilled at that trade. Peca is exactly the type of player the Isles needed then and now. A very good defensive player and good offensively.

Connolly has always been a favorite of mine and Pyatt is looking to come on, but the the Isles badly needed a vet of his caliber back then. This was a good trade for both teams IMO. For some reason the teams fans feel the need to put the spin of a "winner" on the deal, but in reality both teams go what they hoped for out of it.

Exactly. One did well in acquiring the leader it wanted to move forward, the other did well in acquiring youngsters with high upside. The Isles went to the playoffs, as desired, the Sabres have had to wait for the talent to develop but as Pyatt continues to improve the deal looks pretty good for both teams. Throw Connolly in as a wildcard in the equation, since his early production was evident as a loss for the Isles and a gain for the Sabres yet his disappearence is almost embraced by frustrated Buffalo fans as a good thing---despite what he did in his first season.

I think a lot of people view the deal as linear, that it tips from one side to the other as though that was unsuspected, when it was probable and likely that Buffalo would look good out of the deal in 4-6 years while the Isles got <i>exactly</i> what they wanted in the immediate. Since both got what they wanted... it's a win-win.

But there's no strife in both sides getting what they want.

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