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12-09-2011, 12:54 AM
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Originally Posted by RL605 View Post
Im not sure what I think about this Chandler signing.

I think he's been very overrated and living off of his championship run with Dallas. He's been average besides that. I guess this is a risk you have to do, if you know CP3 isn't coming, so I guess I like it. Now, they have to get Baron Davis, not happy with TD runnning the show.
Average? In what regard? His strengths are rebounding and defense, and he's well above average in both categories. His career started off slow because he shouldn't have been in the NBA straight out of high school. He took time to develop, but he was pretty solid with the Hornets, although playing with Paul helps. He was a big reason the Mavericks were so good last year, because he's extremely athletic, a huge advantage down low.

Where I also disagree, however, is that they should probably have less reason to do it if Paul isn't coming. Not because Chandler isn't good or doesn't address their needs (he is and he does), but he's a pretty expensive way of filling those needs. If they don't get Paul, they still need a PG. Baron Davis is certainly talented enough, but dedication has never been his strong suit. Then again, he'd fit right in with Melodrama. Stoudemire isn't exactly the most dedicated player when it comes to rebounding or defense, either.

Originally Posted by Stugots View Post
Uh, have you seen the teams Iverson played on during his prime in Philly? Outside of him, everybody else was complete garbage. Him and Larry Brown single handedly lead that team to the finals and multiple other playoff appearances. Yeah, I get it, he had a bad attitude. But the fact that he never won could be attributed to the awful teams he played on in his prime.
Uh, have you seen the teams Iverson played against during his prime? The Sixers were not a great team, no doubt. But to say everyone other than Iverson was garbage is quite misleading.

The Sixers went to the Finals in one of the worst NBA seasons of all-time, where the Eastern Conference was probably as weak as it ever was, and the one team that was clearly the best in the East (Miami) was missing its best player, Alonzo Mourning, for virtually the entire season. Same goes for Orlando, who probably would have been much better if Grant Hill didn't miss all but 4 or 5 games. With Zo out for most of the season due to kidney disease (and playing at a far lower standard in his brief playoff return), the Sixers' Dikembe Mutumbo (who played in every playoff game and the end of the regular season after they acquired him at the trade deadline) was effectively the best center in the Eastern Conference. The competition was a joke. Antonio Davis, Marcus Camby, Elden Campbell. Mutumbo was the best center in the Eastern Conference in the playoffs.

The Sixers won mainly with defense and rebounding, and Mutumbo ranks among the league's best ever in both categories. Tyrone Hill is one of the better rebounding power forwards of all-time (a Charles Oakley-lite), and at that point in his career, Theo Ratliff was one of the best rebounders and defensive forwards in the NBA. Their team was putrid offensively, but then again, Iverson was a tremendous ballhog who threw up 25-30 shots a game (the only player to average double digit shot attempts per game on the team that season). Defense and rebounding is why they won. That Bucks team they beat had one of the worst groups of power forwards and centers in the league. They were decimated by Mutumbo, who averaged over 13 rebounds a game in the Eastern Conference Finals (when Iverson shot 38% from the field). The fact that he led a garbage team to the Finals is impressive until you remember that all he had to do was beat a bunch of other garbage eams.

It's not really about his attitude (although players like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have quite a different attitude than Iverson does when it comes to in, they practice their ass off). Allen Iverson is one of the most inefficient and overrated players in NBA history because of the way he played. It's a team sport, a concept that players like Iverson (and he was the epitome of them) don't appreciate. He played during one of the worst periods in NBA history in terms of quality and style of play, and he was the epitome of both of those things, too. The fact that he never won a championship has just as much to do with the type of player he was as it does with the quality of the players around him. I'll never forget how every talking head in the media immediately proclaimed the Nuggets to be title contenders once they acquired Iverson. All except Charles Barkley that is, who intelligently pointed out that the Nuggets had just paired two of the biggest ballhogs ever together on one team, and that not only were they not a contender, but the Sixers had probably won the deal. Of course, he was right. That Nuggets team did nothing.

If there is a player in this league that is reminiscent of Iverson, it's Anthony, and for all the wrong reasons.

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