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12-09-2011, 03:01 AM
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Originally Posted by BernieParent View Post
On Tuesday, Montrealers commemorated the killing of 14 young women at what's called the Polytechnique (engineering college) by a misogynist with a hunting rifle 22 years ago. Definitely bad memories. I know a few people in the building that day.
Fortunately, the guy who shot the cop at VT instantly realized that he had made his life forfeit and acted appropriately after thinking hard for a quarter mile.

Thanks to my job I was able to listen to the police scanners for this incident; those guys really had their hands full. The description handed out of "guy wearing sweatpants and sweatshirt" meant that pretty much everybody on earth was getting reported as a suspect. The cops were pulling in everyone in sight matching that description. My favorite: "report of suspect matching description, male with limp and maroon VT hoody. Last seen entering Bed Bath and Beyond."

Now...I'm no CSI super-genius detective; but I'm pretty doubtful that a guy who just murdered a police officer very publicly in just about the worst place possible in the Commonwealth of Virginia would decide that replenishing his fancy soap supply would be of paramount importance.

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