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Originally Posted by Zil View Post
You rely way too much on stats. I want St. Croix to turn out to be a big time scorer, but you're getting ahead of yourself. Scoring in juniors is great, but we have no idea how his game will translate from juniors to the pros. None. He doesn't have the bankable combination of assets like elite speed, size, strength, etc that would help project how he'll do. He's a boom or bust pick, and while the early returns are encouraging, it's really hard to get too excited about him until he shows he can score in the pros. Again, I'd be thrilled if he turns out to be a big time NHL scorer, but you jump to conclusions on guys based on point production in the lower levels way too much. It's amazing that you find a way to pump this kid up while likening Miller to Grachev in the same series of posts. Stat surfing isn't scouting. It tells you nothing about a guy's overall game.

Please put me on your ignore list.

You can't or won't read. I twice in two separate posts wrote that I am not comparing Miller and Grachev, but because both names appeared in the same post, your inability to read and comprehend does not allow you to understand what I mean, even when I wrote multiple times that I was not comparing the two.

Same for St. Croix, though the example is not as extreme in your inability to understand basic English.

Do you know what Shiny New Toy means? It means an unproven prospect, recently acquired, usually via draft, who attracted attention to himself by puttting up cute stats for a short period of time.

Anything else is not shiny new toy. A well developed prospect who produced for a long time up to his high expectations is a blue chipper. For instance, nobody calls Kreider a Shiny New Toy.

As for your general statement about me, go bank to what I write over the years and test how often I was wrong on prospects and how often I was right.

Just from the last summer (all of these I repeated many times):

1. Hagelin will make three team between Thanksgiving and Christmas;

2. MDZ will learn competent defense and will ve an NHLer;

3. McNeill's offense is overrated and we should avoid drafting him;

4. Jam is one of the most gifted offensive players in our system.

5. The Rangers should draft McColgan (nobody before me brought up his name or at least I did not see it).

6 . The Rangers should trade down to draft Grimaldi plus another late first rounder.

7. Thomas will not make the NHL this year despite his junior stats.

The only statement that isn't looking good right now is Grimaldi, but I always knew he was very high risk, but even a 25% chance of being an offensive star vs. 75% failure seemed worth it considering how mutch depth we have. It was not as if I ever thought Grimaldi was a safe choice.

The other 6 statements were pretty much on target or look to be on target at an early stage.

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