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12-09-2011, 08:15 AM
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Originally Posted by SeriousHabs View Post
Fire the fans!

Players don't score in SO? Blame the coach. Players don't hit the net in SO? Blame the coach. Coach sends different players in SO with same result? Blame the coach. Carey Price tries to make a breakaway save on his belly? Blame the coach.

Players can't control the puck during the 4v4 OT because their miniscule reach allows the opposition to freely pass and skate around? Blame the coach! Coach has to use Gorges on the 1st PP because frankly he doesn't have anyone else to use? Blame the coach.

For once, it would be a pretty good idea to look at the players and the GM! Yes, both are harder to change, but at least they have something to do with the losses. Does Martin get outcoached when Vigneault sends the Sedin line with Edler and the Habs end up not touching the puck? Find me one 5 man unit that the Habs can come up with to counter that. Yeah, we can't.
AK gets benched after having a great game? Blame the fans. Cammy still playing when he is doing sh**? Blame the fans. Habs can't keep a 3-0 lead while playing a defensif style of play of Martin? Blame the fans. Cammy and Desharnais dont score on SO but they still on there? Blame the fans. Martin can't motivate his player? Blame the fans. Habs have in their line up, potentiel 4-6 guys to reach 30 goals, yet we play a defensif style? Blame the fans.

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