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12-09-2011, 09:11 AM
Change is good.
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I actually really like the move. Whereas some of the the moves that the Knicks have made over the last couple of years have not necessarily worked well together, adding Chandler actually fits really, really well with their roster.

We've got two forwards who prefer to play on the wing; they're both offensive dynamos; neither is a fantastic defender - although STAT is much better as a help guy looking for athletic blocks than when he tries to D up. Chandler doesn't need the ball. He's the best in the business at rebounding and defense - other than Dwight Howard. He complements the other two perfectly and allows us to play the Magic (or Nets or wherever Howard ends up) effectively. Perfect fit.

Yeah, you need to find a PG, but honestly I think getting the right center to make Amar'e and Melo work on this team is much more important, because Chandler has the ability to take that duo from dysfunctional to efficient. He also has a super attitude, which is infectious to teammates. Meanwhile, we have decent combo guards and 2-guards - and okay to good PGs are much easier to find than anyone who could come close to fitting the bill in the middle.

Not psyched about bringing in Baron Davis, however. His attitude (especially given the influence it might have on Melo's prima donna nature) could do a lot to counter the positive locker room presence that Chandler would provide.

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