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12-09-2011, 09:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Injektilo View Post
So question : Is there really a noticeable vision difference between fancy and midrange cages? Like the Bauer 9900 vs the 5100 or 4500? I'm looking at them on and trying to decide which one I should go with. They're all reasonably priced (on there) but I'm not sure one is really worth $15-20 more...

Wish I could try them on and test them out first.
I have an Easton S9 helmet and I had the stock grey cage on it for about year. There was nothing wrong with it, other than a little rust, but it felt heavy and seemed to be pulling my mask down. Instead of getting a new helmet I decided to invest in the best cage I could find. I thought about going fishbowl, but too many guys on my team have gone away from that do to fogging/drinking water issues.

Anyways I picked up the Bauer 9900, which is basically the highest end cage you can get. Right now it is $50 at ice warehouse with free shipping:

It is a lot lighter than my old cage and the visibility is a little better. I think the 20%vision improvment they claim is probably about right. Don't think though that when you put this thing on it will be amazing and you won't see anything. It is still a cage. For me if you are going to buy a $30 cage then this cage is worth the extra $20, but if your current cage is fine then I'd stick with that. I've always played with a cage and I never think about the lines during the game, but I have also skated around at shinny with no facial protection and that is awesome.

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