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12-09-2011, 09:20 AM
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Originally Posted by jagrgodr View Post
oh man, i hate hate hate drunken jerks at sporting arenas.. It's so funny to me to see people hating on someone because of a piece of cloth they are wearing or because they are rooting for a different team. This is elementary stuff. Very similar to racism, or hating on someone because of their religion. People pay big money to watch their favorite team play and some people like to abuse others verbally. Be a man.

/end rant towards angry home fans in general.

edit: watched a little more of the video.. wow you are super cool! Love making fun of people huh? Thank god i don't live in or near philly

Your little edit there at the end is really dumb. In Philly, we make the arena an unpleasant place (all in good fun) for visiting players and fans alike. This actually happens in most cities and is called home-field advantage. How about you be a man and take verbal harassment? It's not that difficult as I've done it many times on the road and I've come to expect it. Any kind of physical harassment is where it should stop. Verbal harassment is open game. Do you not think this happens in Pittsburgh? This is the most intense rivalry in the NHL today IMO. Don't say stupid stuff like you're glad you don't live in Philly. If you want to say that, then GTFO and don't be a fan of my team simply because Jagr is on it.

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