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Originally Posted by gabbagabbawill View Post
play in a competitive beer league and was wondering...

Is it ok to kick an opposing player's stick away if they drop it near you?

Would certain instances make it ok? Like if they drop as they fall near you and it's in your way?
If the referee thinks that you are preventing the player, who dropped the stick, from regaining possession of it, it's an interference penalty.

Hockey Canada Rules.

(a) A Minor penalty for interference or, at the discretion of
the Referee, a Major penalty and a Game Misconduct
penalty shall be assessed any player who:
(1) interferes with or impedes the progress of an
opponent who is not in possession of the puck, or
(2) deliberately knocks a stick out of an opponent’s
hand, or
(3) prevents an opponent who has lost or dropped his
stick from regaining possession of it

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