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12-09-2011, 09:29 AM
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Good call Nystrom! My thoughts:

1. Never tried mesh socks but I bought and returned Edge socks. They were just too long for my short legs. I don't care about the weight but I still need to find socks that don't rip as easily. I hear good things about Pear Sox but I haven't ordered any yet. Whatever I have rips when you look at it but CCM is way too tight a weave and you can't stretch them over shin pads.

2. I have used the nylon bands and they work great! But mine snapped at the clip and I haven't replaced them.

3. I'm actually "bad" and use a reversible Easton jersey for pickup. I only play a few times a year between winter and summer seasons. It's not bad but the white isn't bright white. Good quality.

4. I love my Tackla pants for sure, but I think it's personal preference on fit. But I haven't heard anyone that owned them and didn't like them, or at least 95% of people seem to love them.

5. That would be ideal. I really wish more companies made bigger backpacks without wheels. I love my backpack for getting around the rink but I have to cram all my gear in it, there's no place for jerseys, and I would like more mesh.

6. I've been using Champion super think low cut socks lately. They are the thinnest and tightest socks I can find for cheap. More durable than dress socks and don't look as weird. I did get some calluses on my ankles but no big deal. I loved my Easton skate socks but I lost one and don't want to spend $20 on another pair.

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