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12-09-2011, 09:31 AM
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Too lazy to multiquote everyone, but - it's not that I don't think the team is better. I think the defense is almost certainly better when healthy, and I've been really impressed with the callups - Kassian has been awesome, I've liked Adam and even Tropp.

But the quote from Black was that we're "dramatically" better - I just don't see that. Miller has been horrid at times. Leino may be finally "getting it", or he could return to his earlier form. I just don't see enough of a track record or enough consistency to say that we're greatly improved on the ice - regardless of the cause (injuries, new players getting used to the system and their new teammates, etc.)

Originally Posted by Chainshot View Post
I'm surprised at the acrimony after years of having a politician who thought he was a GM trying to pull the strings behind Regier's back. How is having direction from above encouraging a GM to improve his roster a bad thing? Or do we need to go back to Quinn have meetings with non-Sabre unemployed former hockey people to get input to then trumpet as his own.
Right - if Pegula is prodding Regier to be active, to make improvements, and to look at creative ways to improve the team instead of waiting for the prefect deal - that's a great improvement over His Sluggliness. Even if he occasionally oversteps and says "go get this guy" - I think he would at least be capable of learning from his mistakes and listening to Black and Regier if they were to talk to him about it. That's not a conversation Quinn would even have - and if he did, he certainly wouldn't be passing it up the food chain to Golisano.

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