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STICKS - Buying Guide and Advice PART 2

I wrote these articles to answer a lot of common questions I saw and to bookmark my thoughts on the matter. Read through these and feel free to ask any questions!


Choosing a Hockey Stick
I. Introduction and Handedness
II. Materials and Construction
III. Size and Length
IV. Flex and Kickpoint
V. Curve and Lie
VI. Taping and Customization
VII. Additional Thoughts


High End Sticks

When we say "get a clearance high end stick", we're talking about these.

I've tried to give an approximate kickpoint location for each stick but some are tricky. Low and mid are pretty self-explanatory. Mid-low are usually sticks that don't have much of an engineered kick point (i.e. they are constant flex).

20172017 Nexus 1N (mid)SuperTacks 2.0 (mid), RBZ FT1 (constant), Ribcor Trigger ASY (low)  BPM 150 (mid)Alpha QX (mid)XC9 ACF (mid-low)
2016Supreme 1S (mid-high), 2016 Vapor 1X (low)Super Tacks (mid), RBZ Speedburner (constant)Synergy GX (mid)  Covert QRL (low)A6.0 SBP (mid)
2015Vapor 1X (low), Nexus 1N (mid)Ultra Tacks (mid), Ribcor Reckoner (low)Stealth CX (low)R27 (low)EK60 (low)Dynasty HD1 (mid)A6.0 (mid), XCORE 9 (mid-low)
2014Nexus 8000 (mid), Total One MX3 (mid-high)CCM RBZ Superfast (constant), Tacks (mid), RIBCOR (low)V9E (low), Synergy HTX (mid-low) T120 (mid)Covert QR1 (low) 
2013Vapor APX2 (variable, low)RBZ Stage 2 (variable)Mako II (mid-low), V9 (mid-low)RIBCOR (low)EK15 (low)Dynasty AX1 LT (mid), Covert DT1 LT (low) 
2012Total One NXG (mid), ONE.9 (mid), Nexus 1000 (true mid)RBZ (variable)Mako (mid-low), M5 (mid-low) Stealth RS II (low)20k (low)T100 (mid)Covert DT1 (low), Dynasty AX1 (mid) 
2011Vapor APX (variable, low), Vapor 7.0 (variable, low)U+ Crazy Light (mid-low)Stealth RS (low)Ai9 (mid)Nexon N12 (low)Widow (low), Dynasty (mid-low) 
2010Total One (mid)U+ Octo Light (low), U+ Pro (low)EQ50 (mid-low), ST (mid-low)11k (low) Dolomite DD (mid-low) 
2009Vapor X:60 (variable,low)U+ CL (low)Stealth S19 (low)8.0.8 (mid)T90 (mid-low)Kronik (mid-low), Dolomite Spyne (mid-low), Dolomite (mid-low) 


Pattern Equivalency Chart

These aren't 100% but for the most part should be pretty close. Keep in mind that every company could measure their depths/lies differently.

NOTE: Curves that are italicized are not equivalent to the rest in the row, but close enough to be grouped with them.
NOTE: Curve names change all the time, please just focus on the curve code (i.e. "P92" instead of "Backstrom" or "Ovechkin")

NOTE ON LIES: Every company measures lies differently. I (AIREAYE) have changed the scoring system of the lies below to reflect better across the board. So for example, all Bauer lie 6s I have considered as 'Medium', lie 5s as 'Low' and Lie 6+s as 'High' as a general guideline.

HeelMedium (5.5, 6)Very Open1/2"RoundP91A (Staal), P106 (Richards, deeper curve than P91A)P15 (Galchenyuk, Jones)E6 (Parise)P36A (Phaneuf)PP20 (DR)W05 (Granlund)HCR
HeelHigh (6)Open1/2"SquareP02 E5 (Getzlaf) PP05 (LI)W12 (Pavelski)HCS
Mid-HeelLow (5)Neutral3/8"RoundPM9 (Stamkos, Larkin)P14 (Duchene)E4 (Cammalleri)P42 (Duchene)PP09 (Ryan), PP96 (Bouchard)W01 (Lupul)MC2
MidMedium (5.5,6)Open1/2"RoundP92 (Ovechkin) - also in lower lie 5P29 (Crosby), P19 (Nugent-Hopkins)E3 (Hall) - also in lower lie 5P87A (Crosby)PP26 (Stastny), PP92 (Trouba) is the lower lie 5 equivalent to the PP26W03 (Henrique, Backstrom)TC2, TC2.5 is the lower lie 5 equivalent
MidMedium (5.5)Open3/4"Square    PP77 (Coffey)W71 (Pacioretty) 
MidMedium-Low (5,5.5,6)Slight Open1/2"RoundP88 (Kane)P40 (Hossa), P45 (Tavares), P38 (Forsberg, same as Reebok's old P38 Datsyuk curve)E36P40 (Perron), P38 (Datsyuk)PP88 (Ryan II)W88 (Zetterberg), W16 (Karlsson, same as Reebok's old Dastyuk curve)MC
MidMedium-Low (5.5)Slight Open3/8"RoundP12P17 (Lecavalier)E6 (Iginla) PP12 (IG)  
ToeMedium (6)Slight Open Roundish...Squarish?P14 (Toews)P46 (Landeskog, Bergeron) P46 (Bergeron)PP01 (Smith)W14 (Chara) 
ToeMedium-Low (5)Open1/2"RoundP28 (Giroux)P28 (McDavid)E28 PP28W28 (Yakupov)TC4, TC3 (Hossa pro curve)

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