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12-09-2011, 09:46 AM
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Originally Posted by SeriousHabs View Post
Last night
Darche PP TOI: 0:00
Cole PP TOI: 3:38
Result: exact same as when the TOI was reversed. Then again, using stats from game 4 to blame Martin for tonight's loss is something that I would expect from this fan base. By the way, Darche had 6:30 TOI. Even Leblanc played more. But wait, Martin hates all young players and uses Darche on the PP all the time! Just look at the Columbus game, in which Darche had an impressive 0:00 on the PP and 6:00 TOI. What kind of coach uses his 4th liners only 5 minutes per game? Hmmm, all of them?

What about the LA game? 0:00 PP and 6:00 TOI. Hmmm
What about the SJ game? 0:00 PP and 7:00 TOI. Hmmm
What about the Ana game? 1:12 PP and 10:10 TOI. Well there we have it. Tonight's loss is due to Darche's minute on the PP 5 games ago. The team was 0/7 on the PP during that game, which is due of course to Darche playing a minute on the PP. Martin should have used his usual weapons instead of wasting Darche for that one minute. Instead of 0/7, the team was 0/7. Terrible coaching.

In the prior game against the Pens, Darche was back to 0:00 PP and 6:00 TOI. That explains the teams great performance of 0/4 on the PP. So far this season, Cole has played 3x more on the PP than Darche.

You said something about this team being fast and skilled. That is amusing. The only thing that is fast about this team is the speed at which it applies the brakes as soon as it faces an opponent. There are two exceptions: Pacioretty and Cole. Coincidently, they are the only non-midgets with top6 skills!

I guess it is Martin's fault that Desharnais is a joke to any NHL defenseman. I guess it is Martin's fault that Cammalleri can't hit the net to save his life. I guess it is Martin's fault if Plekanec wastes his time on the PK, killing penalties that were taken due to lack of strenght or speed. I guess it is Martin's fault that Gionta is playing like a minimum wage 4th liner.
LOL so hilarious and I was talking about the season as a whole not just a game or two. Way to be positive and defend a coach that should not be here.

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